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HabitShift delivers vibrant workshops for immediate results, personal and professional coaching, and corporate consulting all of which launch and sustain healthy and productive habits in the workplace and in life.

Personal Success

Habits are equally a curse & a blessing. Bad habits chain us to outcomes that are not at all what we want. At the same time they are the foundation of much good that endures in our lives.

Only in a manner of speaking, however. If this were true, habit change would be a breeze.

The fact is habit change is hard because it is not a battle between good and evil as we usually think about it but a fight between two or more options BOTH of which are very attractive. Then there’s a third voice clearly saying that in spite of how much you like to smoke, eat, drink, gamble or lay on the couch, it would be a pretty good idea to see a little less of it in your life.

A starting point is to understand our attraction to the undesirable habit & the payoffs that make it so seductive & durable while energizing a strategy to evolve toward a pattern of response, with intention drawn from our higher selves that we want in its place.

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Professional Success

Not so long ago, it was the action of corporate heroes that garnered ovation. Hero's are the fodder of legend but not the foundation for enduring organizational performance.

Excellence is not, to loosely paraphrase Aristotle, a one-shot deal.

It is the repetitive creation of mental, emotional, & behavioral responses to current & emerging conditions that provide the real payoff.

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"I want to express my gratitude to you and the HabitShift workshop for helping me find the determination, courage, strategies and support to change my lifestyle. I am so confident of the power of the HabitShift technology that I would be willing to share my successful experience with anyone wanting to free themselves of habits that are in their way."

~ J. Gan, 888 Capital Group, CEO

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