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HabitShift™ Workshops for Professional Success

Companies lose billions of dollars each year & leave billions on the table in opportunity costs

In today's business environment, organizations who don’t understand the strategic importance of attracting and retaining talented people invariably suffer from higher costs – of all sorts – over those companies who have learned this lesson. It's no secret that productive, well-balanced workers translate into high morale, low turnover, increased customer satisfaction, and thus higher margins.

Great companies don’t just say it – they know and heavily invest in their one, truly unique competitive edge: their people.

There are literally hundreds of books, articles, and research studies that point to the importance of having healthy, well-balanced employees. Gallup's book, First Break All the Rules, chronicles their 25-year study of employees and what makes them happy and productive on the job. Simply described, hard to implement, rarely seen.

Unfortunately, today's fast-paced workplace heaps huge burdens upon employee's mental, emotional, and physical health. A recent study shows that more heart attacks in North America occur on Monday mornings than at any other time. Office rage has become a new term in corporate North America and more and more people find the scales of work/life balance tipping dangerously in favor of more work and less life.

As a way to cope with all this stress many people turn to unproductive, unhealthy "solutions." Some of these include the internet, gambling, alcohol, drugs, and food.

The HabitShift™ workshops can help.

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